Meet Harmeet

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon

We have asked the question, “Who is Charles Munger, Jr.?”

Although we haven’t finished answering it, we also need to ask ourselves, “What does he want?”

To begin with, he wants to control and re-shape the California Republican Party, and the way he is going about it right now is by supporting Harmeet Dhillon for CRP Vice Chairman. Dhillon is the chair of the San Francisco Republican Party.

It will take more than one blog post to paint a complete picture of Harmeet Dhillon, but we can start with her deep, active involvement with the American Civil Liberties Union.

Yes, that ACLU.

In late 2002, Dhillon was running for the Board of Directors of the ACLU of Northern California. Here is her candidate statement, as it appeared in the November-December 2002 edition of “ACLU News“:

“I am deeply honored to have been nominated as a candidate for the Board of Directors. I am an attorney in Palo Alto, where I practice complex commercial litigation. Both my career as a lawyer and my former career as a journalist have impressed upon me the crucial importance of the First Amendment to our democracy. Throughout my legal career I have performed pro bono legal services for victims of human rights and civil rights violations, domestic abuse and employment Discrimination, and have been recognized for my work on behalf of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights and the Network for Women’s Services. I am committed to the values championed by the ACLU-NC.”

The same newsletter gives some alarming examples of the ACLU values to which Dhillon vows she is committed. The italicized sections are taken directly from the ACU newsletter.

Removing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance
In striking down the McCarthy-era law that rewrote the Pledge of Allegiance to insert the words
“under God,” Newdow v. United States Congress, the Ninth Circuit breathed life into the Pledge’s
stirring ideal of a country “with liberty and justice for all.” The decision secured liberty for children of
minority faiths who have quietly been denied religious freedom for nearly 50 years, when pressured
in public school to pledge allegiance to a God they do not worship.

Opposition to Anti-Pornography Filters on Public Library Computers
“As the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) went into effect this September, activists and students around the nation criticized the new law as “closing the door to knowledge.” CIPA requires public schools and libraries to block Internet access to materials deemed “harmful to minors” in order to receive certain federal funds.

“A fundamental goal of the Internet is to open the door to knowledge, but internet blocking software slams this door,” ACLU-NC staff attorney Ann Brick told reporters.

Support of Drivers Licenses For Illegal Immigrants…Without Criminal Background Checks)
In an election year, Gov. Davis needs the support of immigrant communities. Nevertheless, the
Governor vetoed AB 60 (Cedillo-D), a crucial bill that would have allowed immigrants in the
process of applying for legal status to receive a driver’s license. A companion bill SB 804 (Polanco-
D), which included provisions requiring that applicants give a digital thumbprint, undergo a criminal
background check, and submit proof of employment in California, was also returned unsigned.

The ACLU and immigrants’ rights groups strongly opposed the background check provisions
demanded by Gov. Davis and included in SB804, because they are unrelated to a person’s ability to drive, do not address public safety concerns, and discriminate against immigrants.

Educating School Children on LGBT Issues
Focusing on schools, [Matt] Coles [director of the national ACLU Lesbian & Gay Rights and AIDS Project] explained, is important for two reasons: LGBT students are extremely vulnerable, and we can achieve great progress by educating youth about LGBT rights. He explained that school officials know they cannot discriminate openly against lesbian and gay student groups, so they are now setting up bureaucratic obstacles to the recognition of such clubs. The Projects are actively helping courageous students across the country deal with these obstacles.

Redefining Family
In the past, Coles said, opponents of gay and lesbian equality have used the issue of “family” to
attack gay people. More recently, however, public opinion is changing. That change is due in part to the ACLU’s public education campaign based on a Florida case in which the Projects are representing two gay foster parents fighting to keep their family of seven intact in spite of efforts by the state to get a heterosexual family to adopt the children. In part because the case involves HIV-positive children and attracted the celebrity support of Rosie O’Donnell, it has dramatically changed Americans’ perceptions of lesbian and gay men and their families.

The Project’s work, like the ACLU’s efforts in general, is grounded in the belief that government must follow the rule of law, said Coles. He expressed dismay about how the federal government is flouting the rule of law, whether in its pursuit of the “war on terrorism,” military action in Iraq, or the denial of lesbian and gay equality.

“Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance oppresses children? Giving drivers licenses to people here illegal without even a background check to exclude criminal aliens? Opposing anti-porn filters in libraries? Injecting LGBT advocacy groups’ talking points into public schools?

And believe it or not, there’s more. We’ll bring that to you tomorrow.

These are the values to which Harmeet Dhillon pledged her commitment in 2002. And this is the individual Charles Munger, Jr. wants to elect as a leader and spokesperson for the California Republican Party.

The question California Republican activists, leaders and elected officials need to ask themselves is whether these are the values of Republican Party?  How much will we compromise ourselves by following the prescriptions of Dr. Munger in the vain hope of “broadening our appeal”?